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After Effects Templates and information

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A number of After Effects templates have been set up to impove production workflows for online and social content.

1080x1920 Match Highlight Template

TThis After Effects template was created to improve the consistency and accelerate the delivery to online/social platforms. 

Template location

This After Effects template can be found on P:\600 Social\Game Day\AE\Projects

Template Name

  1.  Project template is called TP20_Highlight Template_1080x1920.aep

Note: - this project is locked to avoid the template being corrupted.

  • When it is opened you will get the following error:

  • It needs to be saved with a different name (ie-round name)

2. Once resaved, the After Effects projects has editable layers for text, back ground colours and video source.

3. The text layers for Player Name and Match Time are on layers 1 & 2

4. These relate to the following part of the template 

5.  The text layers for the moments are on layers 4 to 7:

6. You can turn them on and off vie the eye icon:

7. This relates to this part of the template:

8. Team colour backgrounds are on layers 11 to 26.

9. These are made visible via turn on through the eye icon

10. The video source is replaced on layer 27:

11. Rendering is done via Adobe Media Encoder.

12. Import the corresponding composition

15. Click on the output:

16. Change the preset option

17. To the following :

18. Hit ok

19. Then change the file destination to where you want the file saved :

20. Then hit the green arrow to render file

21. Once done – files are ready to publish.

Media Services Team will be onsite (Wayne/Alex/Nicole) in MCR on game day to help with any issues

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