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Subscriptions and Charges FAQs

How do I sign up to Coach?

Signing up to Coach will ensure you have access to the best available statistics to help you select the best possible team &/or trades.

When you register we will automatically add a FREE Coach trial to your account. This trial can be activated by you, by accessing My Account > Coach within the Fantasy web product.

Sign-up to access your free trial (or a season or monthly Coach pass) at any time by clicking on the icon, selecting My Account and clicking on Coach Settings in the top navigation menu.

Note: You will need to cancel your Coach subscription prior to your free trial ending, otherwise you will be automatically rolled on to the monthly subscription.

Why isn't my Coach Subscription working?

Have you actibvated your free trial via the My Account section on the Fantasy site?

If you’re a valid Coach subscriber and Coach stats aren’t showing, there are several ways to rectify that.

First, try logging out and logging back in.

Next, try clearing your cache. Here are some useful tips on clearing your browser cache

If Coach still does not work, make sure that you have your browser’s Private Browser/Incognito/Do Not Track settings switched off.

If you are still experiencing issues, log into your fantasy account and let us know. We will get one of our technicians to have a look for you.

There is also chance your device is not a NRL compatible device. Check to see if your devices are supported by the NRL or contact us and provide as much details as possible (e.g. team name, NRL Account email, what device is causing a problem, which version of the App you have installed, etc).

Why is an extra charge of $1 showiing on my credit card?

The $1 transactions are test transactions by your credit card company. These will be automatically reversed, generally within a week.

Player Performance FAQs

What is Coach's Choice?

Coach’s Choice provides you with information on the changes in player ownership from week to week, changes from the start of the season, the most popular players and the most popular captain selections.

What is the Venue Category?

This category provides you with details about how every player has scored at every venue in the past, with the next three venues displayed in the Stats Centre and the player’s average at all venues displayed in the advanced player profile.

What is the Opponents Category?

This category provides you with details about how each player’s past performance against the other teams in the NRL competition. A player’s average points against his next three opponents is the default display in the Stats Centre. A player’s record against all upcoming opponents is available in his full player profile.

What is the Value Predictor?

Value Predictor provides price projections (and corresponding price change projections) for the next three rounds and for the full season. Click a player’s name to navigate to their full player profile to view a round-by-round projection for the entire season.

Player Values and Scores FAQs 

Why does everyone go on about break-even?

Break-even is the score that a player needs in his next game, to maintain his current price. Break-even is an important stat as it’s an excellent indicator of the likelihood a player’s value will rise or fall.

Are break-even scores accurate?

Break-even is the most-accurate estimate of likely upcoming score(s), however, due to the complexity of the pricing formula and it’s dependence on the results of all matches and all player performances, break-even may occasionally differ from the actual score required to break even.

What are player score projections?

Projected scores are just what they say on the label - projected scores for the upcoming rounds. If a player’s projected score for any of the next three rounds is coloured green, it means that the projected score for that week is above their three-round average by 10% or more, whereas the colour red indicates that the projected score is lower than their three-round average by 10% or more.

How are projected scores and projected price changes calculated?

We calculate projected scores using our confidential proprietary formula, which includes various factors including the player's most-recent performances, their direct performances against their upcoming opponents and their past performance at match venues. These are re-calculated each week to ensure the very latest data and trends are incorporated.

Projected price is calculated using the player's projected score to determine the approximate price they will be valued at in the next round if they achieve their Projected Score.

Are the projected scores and price changes accurate?

Score and price projections are based on a formula that takes into account historical performance and other factors that will help to provide an accurate estimate of what should occur in future games.

These projections are estimates only and can be affected by factors such as whether or not the player plays the full game, an injury, weather conditions, if the player is fulfilling a different role for his team or the player simply goes off or stinks it up for a particular match.

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