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Fantasy rules, prizes and FAQs

Will NRL Fantasy return in 2018?

Yes! The NRL Fantasy and Draft games will be back in 2018, launching late January. Prepare to play by getting an NRL Account ASAP. Updated rules, prizes and game details will be communicated closer to the launch date.

Why are player prices much higher than previous years?

In 2018 the Fantasy salary cap will be increased to $9.4M in line with the NRL club's new cap. At the same time squads will be reduced to 21 (from 25), resulting in higher individual player prices.

Why are some players listed in the wrong club?

As players will continue to sign new contracts and move clubs prior to the launch of NRL Fantasy the initial player-to-club associations may not be completely accurate. Any changes that have occurred between initially publishing the 2018 player prices and the launch of NRL Fantasy 2018, will be corrected at the time of launch. Once live player movements and new additions will be made weekly. This activity will not affect the player's price.

What happens to my previous Fantasy account?

If you played NRL Fantasy in previous years we will synch your history to your new NRL Account when you register to play in 2018.

Why hasn't the App been updated?

We are still building the updated NRL Fantasy app. It will be available to download in early 2018.

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