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Using NRL Account in the NRL App

What is an NRL Account?

Create an NRL Account today and get closer to the game you love. With a single, free account, experience the new NRL Digital Network, including Inside Pass which offers exclusive features and content available only to NRL Account holders.

With your NRL Account, play NRL Fantasy 2018 and NRL Tipping for free. Get the latest news and highlights from your favourite club’s website and app. Plus, secure great seats with access to special NRL ticketing offers. 

It’s quick and easy to sign-up or simply use your Facebook or Google ID to create your NRL Account.

Do I need an NRL Account to use the App?

No, you don't need an NRL Account to use the NRL App or to access Live Pass but certain features and content within the NRL App will be restricted to NRL Account holders only.

How do I sign up for a new NRL Account in the NRL App?
  1. Download and open the app on your mobile or tablet
  2. Tap on one of the two options below based on your identity:
    • 'I'm a Telstra Mobile Customer' and follow the prompts; Or
    • ‘Buy or Restore Live Pass’ and follow the prompts; Or
    • Go to the 'More' tab and tap on 'My NRL Account' and follow the prompts.


How do I log in to my existing NRL Account?

Download and open the app on your mobile or tablet.

For the option 'Already have an NRL Account linked to your 2018 NRL Live Pass', tap on the 'LOG IN' link and follow the prompts.

Will my NRL Account be linked to my NRL Live Pass?

Yes, only when you have signed up or logged in to your NRL Account and have also subscribed for the NRL Live Pass, your NRL Account will be linked to your NRL Live Pass automatically.

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