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NRL App & Live Pass FAQs

What is the NRL Live Pass?

The NRL Live Pass gives you access to live stream NRL Telstra Premiership games in the regular season across multiple compatible devices within Australia. The State of Origin series and the NRL Grand Final are not included.

Can I subscribe to Live Pass if I'm not a Telstra customer?

Yes, NRL Live Pass and all the In-App purchase options are available to all Australian residents and are not exclusive offers to Telstra customers.

Why am I always required to update my app to the latest version before I get to use it?

Mandatory updates are required in order to ensure that you can benefit from all the new features and bug-fixes that enhance the overall user-experience.

How do I manage push notifications?

You will need to open the NRL App, select Settings from the menu, and go to Notifications and switch on or off.

Is the NRL Official App available on Windows Tablet/Surface/RT devices?

The current version of the NRL Official App is not currently supported on Windows Tablet /Surface/RT devices.

What are the supported devices for NRL Live Pass and the NRL Official App?

The current version of NRL Official App is only supported on the following devices:

Apple: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini with iOS 11 and above.

Android: The Official NRL App is built and tested for the following devices with Android 5.0 and above:


    • Google Pixel (models above 1)
    • HTC U
    • Oppo A57
    • Samsung Galaxy (models above S5)
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    • Samsung Note 8


    • Google Nexus 7
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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