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I am trying to play Fantasy and am experiencing issues with my account setup...

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Sign up to an NRL Account and verify your email

Before you can set up your Fantasy team, you need to sign up for an NRL Account and verify the email that you used to sign up. 

You can sign up from the Fantasy site, the NRL site or any Club/State site.  You can sign up to an NRL Account anytime.

Check your email inbox for the verification email and click on the link contained in the email to verify your account. Click here if you are not receiving your verification email.

Link last year's Fantasy account to your NRL Account if you want (using the same email)

Go to the Fantasy site and log in. If this is your first time visiting Fantasy and logging in, you will need to answer a few questions before you can set up your team.

If you have used the same email for your NRL account and last year’s Fantasy account, we will automatically detect that you played last year. You can:

  • link last year’s Fantasy history to the email you provided for your NRL Account (this will be displayed on the screen) - click Next. You will also be prompted to enter your 2017 Fantasy account password.
  • link your NRL Account to another Fantasy account you may have used which had a different email. In this case, enter the email address of the Fantasy account you want to link to and click the I'd prefer to link to a different 2017 Fantasy Account link. You will be prompted to enter the password that is linked to that account.
  • also choose to start afresh and not link your Fantasy account to any historical information, in this case, click Cancel.

Note: If you cannot remember your 2017 Fantasy account password, you can reset this password – see below.

Link last year's Fantasy account to your NRL Account if you want (using a different email)

If you have used a different email to sign up to your NRL Account and last year’s Fantasy account, when you go to Fantasy and log in, you will be asked if you played Fantasy in 2017. 

If you do not want to link your Fantasy account to any historical information and want to start fresh, click No.

If you want to link your 2017 Fantasy account details and team history to your NRL Account, click Yes.

You will be asked to enter the email you used last year for Fantasy along with the password you used to log in.  Click Link.

I used my Facebook or Google account to create my registration last year. Can I still link to my Fantasy history?

If you used your social account to register for last year's Fantasy account, you can still link to your Fantasy game history.

Simply enter the email associated to the relevant Facebook or Google account and provide the password attached to the social account.

I forgot my 2017 password to my Fantasy account…

If you cannot remember your 2017 Fantasy account password, you can trigger a password reset process during the Fantasy registration process.

Click on the Forgot 2017 registered password link.

Enter the email you used for your 2017 Fantasy account and click Send.

You will need to go to that email and follow the steps to complete the password reset process before you can link the relevant Fantasy account.

This password reset is specific to last year’s Fantasy Account.  It is important that you remember it is not a password reset for your NRL Account.

Final step to complete your Fantasy Registration

Enter your Team name.

Enter the Country you are in. If Australia is selected, please tell us your State.

Accept the Terms and Conditions by placing a tick in the box - if you want to read them click on Terms and Conditions and they will be displayed to you.

Let us know if you would like to hear from the great folks at Youi by placing a tick in the box.

Click Play Now.

Begin setting up your team

Tell us the game you want to play.

Click Play Fantasy or Play Draft to begin setting up your team for this year.

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