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The information below applies to Fantasy, Fantasy Draft and Coach. Visit the following articles if you are looking for information specific to:

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League FAQs

How can I enter a new Public League?

Click the icon and select Leagues.

In the top navigation menu, click Join a League. From this page, you can join a Public League that is yet to be filled, join a private league or create your own.

Select the League you want to join and click on the icon.

Click My Leagues in the navigation menu and you will see all the Leagues you belong to.

You can also get a friend to send you the League Code, if that friend is already in the Public League.

Why has the League that I am in changed?

League Commissioners have the authority to change your league name. In addition, if your league was not filled by its start round, the league may be cancelled, merged with another league or have other teams added to it.

I am trying to join a League but it won't let me. Why?

Once a League’s first Lockout has begun or the League is full, no new Users can join that League.

If that isn’t the case make sure you have the correct League code from the Commissioner and that you’ve entered it correctly on the Join League page.

If all else fails contact us detailing as much information as possible.

Why have I been removed from my League and why can't I rejoin it?

Several things could cause this. League Commissioners have the right to remove users from their Leagues so it is possible that you were in a League in which the League Commissioner chose to remove you.

It is also possible that the League was cancelled or deleted by the League Commissioner or merged with another league if it wasn’t full by the time of the first lock-out.

All my friends are in a different league to the one I am in. How can I swap Leagues?

You can join an unlimited number of leagues, so simply join their League as well. Don’t forget to get the league code off them if it’s a private league!

You can leave a League you don't want to be in if that League has not started.

Click the icon and select Leagues.

In the top navigation menu, click My Leagues. A listing of the Leagues you belong to will display.

Click on the League you want to leave. In the top navigation menu, click Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Leave this League button.

Can I set up a League in which I only play against my friends?

Yes, all you have to do is create a Private League and then invite your friends through email, Facebook, Twitter (plus WhatsApp & SMS on mobile) and/or by giving them the League code.

Don’t forget the League Commissioner can also add Celebrity Players to the league to fill empty spots or just because you like the idea of beating the Lone Scout.

How can I set up my Leagues with Facebook and Twitter?

When you create your League, as a Commissioner, you have the ability to invite your friends to join your League via your favourite social media platform including Facebook or Twitter.

How do I regenerate a League from last year?
  • Find and click the "Regenerate your <previous year> leagues" button on the League list page. This will generate a list of your Leagues that can be regenerated.
  • Select a League to view the settings of the league as well as any applicable notifications (this League name is already in use, etc).

Open Leagues

  • If you regenerate a previous year open League, the new League MUST be an open League. You can’t change it to a head-to-head league.
  • If you regenerate an Open League you can only change the following settings (all other League settings are hidden):
    • League Name
    • League Privacy
    • League Start date

Head to Head Leagues

  • If you regenerate a H2H league if it will assume the default settings, regardless of prior year settings your League had.
  • Choose whether you want your League to be:
    • Head to Head or Open
    • Private or Public
    • Default (unselect the check box)
  • Create the League and move to Step 3 (Send invites)
  • All the participants of your old League will be pre-populated in the Name & Email fields. You can remove anyone you don't want.
    Open leagues with 20+ users will not list all email addresses. Simply click the "Invite All Button" to invite all players from last season.
  • The league is then created.
  • Once the league is (re)created it will no longer appear on the "Regenerate A League" page.
How do I change the name of the League I am in?

You can only do this if you are the League Commissioner. If you are the League Commissioner go into your League Settings and you can change the League name there.

Why can't I invite any more users to my League?

When your League is full you can no longer invite new people into the League.

Users who have the League code but haven’t already joined will not be able to join - As the Commissioner, you will need to delete existing Users who are already signed up before they can join your League.

When does my league start?

Your League will begin at its scheduled starting time as chosen by your Commissioner.

To find this information please navigate to the About tab in your League section.

If you are in a default head-to-head league (like the majority of users) your league play starts from Round 2.

Why did my League not start or is marked 'Unscheduled'?

If your League was not full when the league was due to commence or if one or more teams were incomplete, it becomes unscheduled. Once your league is full, you will be able to schedule your league from your League's Settings page.

If your League has not been filled by the start of the Round, your League Commissioner will be given the choice of reducing the size of their League or updating the League start round.

One way to manage League numbers is to add expert/celebrity players to your league (e.g. The Lone Scout).  The League Commissioner can add these experts via the League Settings page, from the Tuesday prior to the opening game of the season.

Can I leave a League?

You can only leave a league before the league’s first Lockout. 

Click the icon and select Leagues.

In the top navigation menu, click My Leagues. A listing of the Leagues you belong to will display.

Click on the League you want to leave. In the top navigation menu, click Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Leave this League button.

Player FAQs

What is The Open Bench?

Open Bench refers to your team's reserves bench being free from positional restriction.

In addition to the 13 on-field players, your squad has eight (8) players that make up the Reserves Bench. Reserves Bench players are NOT locked to a specific position.

  • Four (4) Interchange (INT): The points of these players are added to your team's total. The four interchange players and the 13 players on the field are often referred to as the Starting (or Scoring) 17.
  • Four (4) Emergencies (EMG): The points of these players do not count to your team's score unless the player is used as an auto-emergency substitution for a Starting 17 player that does not play.

The bench players are ranked 1 to 8 and this determines a player's priority order for auto-emergency substitution. You can adjust the order of your Reserves Bench by clicking a player's substitution (the (S) button) on the website or the up-arrow & down-arrow buttons in the App. This 'substitution' process is subject to the same lock-out rules as all other player actions, meaning locked bench players can’t be moved.

Can I replace a player I have selected if he's been injured or dropped from his NRL team?

While the Round is not in progress (i.e. there’s not a rolling lock-out in play), you can either reverse the trade you made for the player or make a valid trade or substitution for this player.

Remember these actions are only valid if the players you want to trade or substitute have not already commenced or finished playing for that round and you don’t break the your trade limits (per round and total). If your chosen move is not valid, you need to wait until the end of lockout before trading out or substituting any players.

Does the automatic emergency replace players with negative scores?

No, the automatic emergency process will only apply to player/s who do not play at all in the real thing.

If a player takes the field he is counted as playing.

A negative Score is subtracted from your Team’s Score and there is no replacement by an Emergency.

I am trying to select a player but can't find them. Why is that?

All NRL Players in the Club's Top 30 are available for selection.

If a debutant player from outside this Top 30 is named during the season, they will be added to the game on the Wednesday following their announcement in the Club Team List.

To find a specific Player, type their name in the search box, ensuring you have the spelling of the name correct.

If that does not work, use the filters to search for that player filtering by team or position.

If you still cannot find a specific player after trying these options, please contact us and we will help you out.

How do I select or change my Captain?

Watch this short video on how to select or change a Captain for your team.

What happens if my Captain doesn't play?

If your Captain doesn’t play, your Vice Captain will score double points.

What happens if my Captain (or Vice Captain acting as Captain) scores negative points?

If your Captain (or Vice Captain if your Captain does not play) scores negative points, this negative score will be doubled and subtracted from your overall score.

What happens if both my Captain and Vice Captain do not play?

If neither your Captain nor Vice Captain play, then there will be no player who scores double points as the Captain of your team for that Round. If there are valid auto-emergency substitutions for these players, they will be made and the emergency’s scores will be added to your team total.

The auto-emergency score(s) will not be doubled if replacing a Captain or Vice Captain.

What happens if my team is not complete (valid) at the first lockout after I register?

If your Team is not complete before this time, your team will be auto-filled with our smart auto-fill feature at 2:00 am (AEDT/AEST) on the day of the first match of the upcoming NRL round. If this happens you will be notified by email.

To create a valid team, you must select exactly:

  • 3 Fullbacks/Wingers,
  • 2 Centres,
  • 2 Halves,
  • 1 Hooker,
  • 2 Front Row Forwards,
  • 3 Second Row Forwards;
  • 8 Reserves made up of:
    • 4 Interchange players (numbered 1 to 4); and
    • 4 Emergency players (numbered 5 to 8).

You will need to select your Team within the initial $9.6 million Salary Cap. Players who are listed as being available for multiple positions can be selected in either position.

Why is Player X listed in a position he's not playing for in his NRL Team?

All player positions have been chosen based on the positions players have played in most of the time in previous years. These positions are determined at the beginning of the year. These position allocations will be reviewed throughout the year, meaning some players may be upgraded to dual-position players midway through the season. These updates are due to occur after R6, R12 and R18.

Scores and Statistics FAQs

The Fantasy site has in-depth information regarding points scoring - Click here to view.

What do I need to know about player scores & Live scoring?

Here are some of the updates you will notice with regard to players and scoring:

  • Once the first match has started, live scores are shown in light green.
  • Completed scores are shown in dark green.
  • A Captain's score is shown as doubled unless the chosen captain does not play (DNP), in this case the vice-captain's score is shown as doubled.
  • Projected score is shown for players if the round has started, but, they are not yet locked out. Projected scores are shown in the "Coach" purple and only show for active Coach subscribers.
  • The ellipsis (...) that allows users to make actions on a player changes to a lock icon when a player becomes locked out.
  • For players who do not play (DNP), their entire player cell will be slightly greyed out.
  • In Fantasy (classic) Interchange (INT) player's (1-4 positions) scores are counted so they mimic on field players.
  • Emergency (EMG) player's (5-8 positions in Fantasy and per user selection in Draft) scores are not counted by default, but, these players are subject to potential auto-emergency substitution (see the auto-emergency rules elsewhere in this FAQ). Before full lockout, EMG players' entire player cell is greyed out and their live score will show (in light green) and final game score (in dark green). From full lockout, auto-emergency substitution will occur (see the auto-emergency rules elsewhere in this FAQ). If an EMG score is to be counted, the player's cell will no longer be greyed out.
What are the rules of Auto-Emergency?

Should any of the players in a team's Starting 17 not take the field (DNP), a player from the Reserves Bench will be automatically substituted in, based on the following criteria:

  1. Auto-emergency calculation (the replacing and covering of players) occurs from full lockout (i.e. from the start of the last game of the round).
  2. The highest-ranked eligible player from the Reserves Bench (numbered 1 to 8) will substitute for a DNP player from the Starting 13, unless that bench player is a dual-position player (DPP) required as cover for a another DNP player. This process can happen for up to four (4) DNP players.
  3. Once it has been calculated which Reserves Bench (1-8) players will be the automatic emergency replacements, the remainder of the Reserves Bench will 'shuffle up' in order to cover bench positions 1 to 4. This 'shuffling' will be highlighted.
  4. If there is no player on the Reserves Bench with the same position as the DNP, there is no eligible auto-emergency player and no auto-emergency substitution will be made and the team will score 0 for the DNP position.
  5. An eligible DPP can only auto-substitute for one DNP player.
How can I view the highest scoring players?

To view the highest scoring players visit the Stats Centre by clicking the icon and selecting Stats Centre.

You will be able to view, filter and sort player scores and other data up to the last completed Round. There is a lot of information in the Stats Centre so click about, try the filters and sorting.

Where can I find more advanced statistics?

Signing up to Coach will ensure you have access to the best available statistics to help you select the best possible team &/or trades.

In 2019 we will automatically add a FREE Coach trial to your account. This will expire at the end of Round 1 or 14 days from your registration, whichever is longer.

Sign-up to a season or monthly Coach pass at any time by clicking on the icon, selecting My Account and clicking on Coach Settings in the top navigation menu.

Why are some parts of the Stats Centre locked?

Certain statistics are restricted to Coach subscribers.

In 2019 we will automatically add a FREE Coach trial to your account. This will expire at the end of Round 1 or 14 days from your registration, whichever is longer.

Sign-up to a season or monthly Coach pass at any time by clicking on the icon, selecting My Account and clicking on Coach Settings in the top navigation menu.

Why did my score change overnight?

All live scores are indicative only and final scores are only available at the completion of the Round when the official statistics are locked in by the official NRL statistics provider (Prozone).

From time to time, the statistics will change once a game has finished. The Scores are only finalised once the Lockout is over. This process is improving all the time and scores should change very little, if at all, once a match has been over for three hours.

Obviously, the odd mistake may happen. In this instance, the scores will be updated and all users will be notified of the error and resulting action taken.

Where do I go to see my my rank and/or League position?

Head to the League section. Click on the icon and/or select Leagues.

From there you can change which competition you are viewing to see how you rank against your peers in Head to Head leagues as well as the overall, club-specific and State leagues.

You can also click the Rankings section for a look at your progress in the open leagues such as the overall or club supported leagues.

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